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Chaguar textile and leather urban bracelet.
The Chaguar textile is an ancient fabric from the North of Argentina that is 100% handcrafted by the Wichí tribe of weaving women. They make the whole manual process, starting from the fibers of a plant. They travel the mountains of the Chaco in search of the Chaguar plant and then select the leaves, extract the thorns, and begin the degumming process. First, they beat and scrape the leaves to remove impurities. Then the fibers are rinsed and dried in the sun, the stronger the sun hits, the whiter the fiber is. Once dry, the artisans separate fiber by fiber according to the thickness and twist them on their legs using ash as an aid until obtaining a strong textured yarn. They then dye the fabrics in a natural way using silver roots, fruits, barks, and leaves from the native mountain of the Gran Chaco to obtain authentic colors. Finally, the designs emerge from the Wichí cultural universe, the hunter-gatherer people who have always lived in the mountains, following the rhythms of nature. The work of obtaining the Chaguar takes between 15 and 20 days. This textile makes the Tucumán bracelet a unique 7 cm wide bracelet.


One piece at a time

All the goldsmiths in our network work with manual processes, making one piece at a time. Therefore, each jewel presents differences that makes them unique.

Handcrafted is Heartcrafted.

Unique handmade jewelry with social impact
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