Pampa - Lupin Lime
Pampa - Lupin Lime
Pampa - Lupin Lime
Pampa - Lupin Lime
Pampa - Lupin Lime

Lihué Calel

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The design of this piece reminds us of Pampean areas that still preserve the original spirit of the Argentine gauchos, skilled horsemen who worked the land and will always influence Argentine fashion. Its rustic design is made of sterling silver, accompanied by two black zirconia stones that give a typical jewelry shine to such an autochthonous piece.

  • Solid sterling silver
  • Two zirconia stones

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One piece at a time

All the goldsmiths in our network work with manual processes, making one piece at a time. Therefore, each jewel presents differences that makes them unique.

Handcrafted is Heartcrafted.

Unique handmade jewelry with social impact
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At Lupin Lime we want everything to be just right, from start to finish. Whether you buy a gift for yourself or someone else. We always make sure that your order is packed with the utmost care and attention in our main office in Amsterdam.