Our impact

We believe in being an active player in the Latin American culture, and we are committed to contribute to improving the lives of vulnerable people on the continent. Therefore, your purchase allows us to invest in advancing goldsmith skills in people from the poorest sectors, to instill knowledge that will allow them to move out of poverty and create a long-term positive trajectory of change in their lives. We provide them with professional goldsmith training, facilitate jobs within our supplier network, and pay their starting salaries as they strengthen their specialization to becoming skilled artisans in the job market. We equip our trained Goldsmiths and Artists with the skills needed to navigate the once difficult terrain of market entry of exhibiting their designs.
At the same time, with your Lupin Lime purchase you contribute with a responsible chain of work, helping artists who count on our brand to continue to work and live from their craft. Many of these artists live in remote rural areas of the continent but have gained a reputation that reflects exquisite quality, impeccable individual exclusivity in design and skills.

Small acts, when multiplied, can transform the world.  


All our designer jewels are developed using noble and durable materials and ensured utmost attention to every detail. As such, the combination of the elements that make up each piece and the energy emanating from the history of their creation, give each handmade jewel an unrepeatable design and cultural uniqueness.

Along with, all the goldsmiths and artisans in our network work with manual processes, making one piece at a time, reducing, reusing and recycling materials, and thus, our footprint on earth. 

Transforming life stories into art. Changing life stories with art.