Our social impact

Your purchase allows us to invest in advancing goldsmith skills in people from the poorest sectors of Latin America, to instill knowledge that will allow them to move out of poverty and create a long-term positive trajectory of change in their lives. We provide them with professional goldsmith training, facilitate jobs within our supplier network, and pay their starting salaries as they strengthen their specialization to becoming skilled artisans in the job market.

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Transforming life stories into art. Changing life stories with art.
Our mission

To be a bridge between Latin American design and the rest of the world, providing pieces of art generated by independent goldsmiths who share our values, thus helping the dissemination and training of artists of the region.

Our vision

To be the international brand of crafted jewelry more relevant in the diffusion of Latin American art.

What we do

Lupin Lime brings to the world a contemporary limited edition of art jewelry designed and handcrafted specially for us by the best Latin American artists and goldsmiths, many of whom live in remote areas of the continent but have gained a reputation that reflects quality and impeccable individual exclusivity.

Our designer jewelry strives to create a bridge between Latin American culture, its techniques, materials, and designs of ancient civilizations pervaded with the perspective of the 21st century. A mix between high-quality crafts as well as the experience and accessibility that our brand offers from our headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

All our handmade jewels are developed using noble and durable materials and ensured utmost attention to every detail. As such, the combination of the elements that make up each piece and the energy emanating from the history of their creation, give each jewel an unrepeatable design and cultural uniqueness.

Latin American art

With roots in the many indigenous cultures that inhabited the Americas before the 16th century, Lupin Lime captures the essence of aesthetics, design, and luxury of noble materials to represent in designer jewels the origins of Latin America and its artistic expression.

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+31 6 39221846

Our head office is located at Nyenrode Amsterdam
Keizersgracht 285, 1016 ED, Amsterdam, Netherlands

You can find us during our office hours
Mon - Fri, 9:30am - 5:00pm 

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